Engagement Shoot Preparation

What to Wear on your engagement shoot? When to shoot? Where to Shoot?

All you need to know for your engagement shoot!

An engagement session is a great way to celebrate your upcoming wedding and is a great way to get to knwo your photographers before the wedding day. Your engagement session is all about capturing who you are and the essence of your relationship, as a memento for years down the road and to be able to share this special time with your friends and family. Here are a tips for preparing for this important photo-shoot:

Choose the Right Time

Celina & Michael: Sunset Engagement at Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Engagement Photographer
Celina & Michael: Sunset Engagement at Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Engagement Photographer
Celina & Michael: Sunset Engagement at Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Engagement Photographer

Photographers call the time just before sunset The Golden Hour – it’s the best time of day for an outdoor photo-shoot.

If you want to have your engagement pictures taken outside, golden hour is the best time to do it. This is the time of day right before the sun sets, when there is not so much light that the result is harsh pictures, but rather just enough light to have your pictures taken in the warm glow of the evening sun, creating a luminous setting. Booking about two hours before sunset is usually the best time of day to get fantastic pictures.

In the morning and at midday, the sun is often too bright, making you squint, which creates shadows under your eyes. While we definitely can make a morning, midday, or afternoon shoot work, we find that near sunset creates the best pictures. Some of our best sessions have been at sunrise, sunset, or even at night.

Emma & Blair: Ancaster Fall Engagement Photographer

Choosing your Outfits

Niki and Joey: Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario, Canada Engagement Photographer
Sarah & Dean: Pravda Vodka House and Gooderham Building Engagement Photographer
Narmi and Rajeev: Bloor St - Yorkville Toronto Engagement Photographer
Nicole & Charles: Humber Bridge & Lakeshore Engagement Photographer

Choosing a look.

While you do not want to match, you do want to pick clothing that is in the same general family of colors. This way, the pair of you will coordinate, rather than matching or clashing. Wear clothes that fit your body, with very simple patterns or which are solid in color. At the same time that you are choosing your setting, think about whether you want a casual or a dressy shoot. A little black dress paired with a slick three-piece suit is a great way to ensure you both look your best—but keep in mind that you will be sitting, standing, lying down, and even running and jumping during your shoot.

What do you absolutely want to avoid? Horizontal stripes—no matter how thin you are, they will make you look wide. Loud patterns will overwhelm you and wearing the same color from head to do will consume you. Big logos, clothing that is skin-tight, anything very short or really baggy, and very low necklines should all be avoided.

The bottom line: wear something that you look great in, but which you are also comfortable in. When you feel good, you’ll look good.

Get a Great Location

Sarah & Dean: Pravda Vodka House and Gooderham Building Engagement Photographer
Kelly & Chris: Roundhouse Park Engagement Toronto Photographer
Elaine & Boon-Hau: Colonel Samuel Smith Park Toronto Ontario Engagement
Kelly & Chris: Roundhouse Park Engagement Toronto Photographer

Photography locations in Toronto & GTA

Location is just as important as what you wear and at what time of day your session is. Toronto is blessed with a huge variety of locations that are ideal for engagement photography. Those who what a natural location will find a range of parks and outdoor spaces to choose from. For those who want a more modern or industrial setting, Toronto, again, has the perfect backdrop.

If you are having trouble finding the right place for your shoot, think about the places in Toronto that are special to you and to your relationship. Did you meet in a coffee shop? Have your first date in a museum? Your first kiss in a park? Did you propose on a specific bridge? Any of these locales could make the perfect site for your engagement session.

Still looking for some inspiration? We have put together a long list of locations here in Toronto that would be great for an engagement photoshoot, which includes their address, contact info, and whether or not a permit is required (and if it is, how much it costs). Once you have selected the perfect spot for your session, have your outfits chosen, and are ready to book your time, call us!


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