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Saskatoon Portrait Photography
We specialize in timeless and natural family photography that will evoke memories for years to come. We offer a personalized, “on location” service and each commission is unique. Sessions which can last from 1.5 – 2 hours depending on how many members of the family are involved and how young the children are.

The images that we capture of your family are a combination of individual portraits, family groups, photojournalistic shots of children at play, your family having fun and also those little details that are part of your life. We are happiest where you are happiest – whether that be at home or at your local park.

Please do feel free to contact us if you would like a tailored quote to suit your family photography requirements.

Family | Maternity | Newborn

Saskatoon Portrait Photography Pricing

1 Hour

  • 1 hour portrait session
  • 30 fully edited images (minimum)
  • On-line gallery with high-resolution digital download

$350 +HST
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2 Hours

  • 2 hour portrait session
  • 90 Images (minimum)
  • On-line gallery with high-resolution digital download

$525 +HST
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3 Hours

  • 3 hour portrait session
  • 110 Images (minimum)
  • Canvas print
  • On-line gallery with high-resolution digital download

$650 + HST
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How do you define your style?
We have an off-the-cuff approach that captures the best of you on your day. We love moments, real moments. Combine them with creative portraits that keep you engaged and moving and you get a coverage of your wedding that is not only beautiful, but also authentic.
We have a destination wedding - how do you handle travel?
We handle all our travel logistics ourselves. We book air travel, hotels and local transportation etc so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Most of our photographers are based in New York, so it is easy for us to travel to any place in the world.
Do you need a shot list?
We have our own shot list that is in the back of our heads as it comes to wedding details, such as the rings, the gown and decor details. This is a very important part of the training process and each shot that is typically created at a wedding gets discussed, tweaked and perfected amongst the studio photographers. We have creative meetings at the studio where, for example, we discuss how to perfect the ring shot for hours.
How many photos will we get and how long does it take?
We don’t have a set number and it depends on the size of your wedding. If you have a 2 photographer coverage for 8 hours, then it tends to be between 700-1000 photos.

We definitely shoot more photos, but we get rid of the shots of the floor and when someone walks in front of the camera.

The photos will be delivered 4-6 weeks after the wedding.