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In December 2019, our photography business took a momentous leap as we bid farewell to the vibrant cityscape of Toronto and set our sights on the captivating beauty of Saskatoon. With hearts filled with excitement and anticipation, we made the decision to establish our new home base in this enchanting prairie city. As we embraced this fresh chapter, we were eager to immerse ourselves in the picturesque landscapes and heartfelt stories that Saskatoon and its surrounding areas had to offer.

Though Saskatoon would be our new headquarters, we wanted to assure our valued clients that we remained dedicated to capturing their cherished moments, no matter where love led them. For this reason, we made a firm commitment to continue traveling back to Toronto for weddings and engagement shoots. Distance would not be a barrier when it came to preserving the memories of our beloved clients’ most special days.

Our relocation marked not just a change in scenery, but also an opportunity to explore new horizons and forge meaningful connections with couples in Saskatoon and beyond. We’ve been blessed to witness the profound moments of love and devotion in Toronto, and now we were eager to do the same in the heart of the prairies. Saskatoon’s charm and warmth have since inspired us, further fueling our passion for crafting heartfelt photographs that truly tell the story of each unique love story.

As we ventured forth into this exciting journey, our photography business bridged the gap between Toronto and Saskatoon, bringing the essence of both cities into our art. With open hearts and a love for our craft, we looked forward to creating timeless memories and preserving the magic of love, wherever it may lead us.

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